In my previous part, I have given the basic introduction of IndexedDB in which we have given its features, size limit, asynchronous behaviour and how we can create a DB and Object Store(Table).

Let’s discuss how we can perform the DML Queries in IndexedDB.

Getting data from IndexedDB

We will continue with the data which we inserted in out previous part. It looks like this in Chrome Dev Tools


One of the new API that HTML5 has offered us is the IndexedDB API.
It is the way for us to store data inside a browser. The applications using this API can work both online and offline. It is useful in the applications that need large amount of data to be store and don’t need active Internet connection to work.

Asynchronous or Synchronous?
It work asynchronously, so it will never block applications. Originally it included both synchronous and asynchronous APIs. …

Vivek Jain

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